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I Ching

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  1. I CHING - The Power of Knowledge Understanding of the Human Place in the Universe I Ching is the oldest Chinese classic text also called ‘the book of changes ’or ‘classic of changes’. This text basically speaks about cosmology which is based upon ancient Chinese traditions or customs.
  2. Yijing, (Chinese: “Classic of Changes” or “Book of Changes”)Wade-Giles romanization I-Ching or Yi-Ching, also called Zhou Yi, an ancient Chinese text, one of the Five Classics (Wujing) of sirohoppaxilyconparklasenhasi.coinfo main body of the work, traditionally attributed to Wenwang (flourished 12th century bc), contains a discussion of the divinatory system used by the Zhou dynasty wizards.
  3. Esta es la primera versión online del oráculo chino I Ching en idioma español. Es gratuito, preciso y sobre todo te brinda respuestas fáciles de comprender.
  4. Feb 17,  · I Ching (易經), also known as the Book of Changes (周易), is a Chinese classical text believed to have been written by Fu Xi (c. BCE).. Quotes [] Unless otherwise noted, the translations used are those of Richard Wilhelm, rendered into English by Cary F. Baynes (), Volume 19 of the Bollingen series. 君子終日乾乾 All day long the superior man is creatively active.

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