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Abyssopelagic (Redux)

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  1. D_FUNC / MARCEL HEESE - Abyssopelagic / Abyssopelagic (Redux): Finitude Music, FIN Label: Finitude Music. Catalogue number: FIN Available to buy on Vinyl Record. Find more tracks by D_FUNC / MARCEL HEESE and more releases on Finitude Music.
  2. Abyssopelagic definition at sirohoppaxilyconparklasenhasi.coinfo, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!
  3. The Abyssopelagic portion of the ocean deeper than about 2, m (6, feet) and shallower than about 6, m (20, feet) The abyssal realm is the largest environment for Earth life, covering ,, square km (,, square miles), about 60 percent of the global surface and 83 percent of the area of oceans and seas.
  4. Oct 05,  · Of or pertaining to the depths of the ocean; of the open waters of the abyssal zone.
  5. The abyssopelagic zone is the zone of the ocean that is not near the shore nor the surface of the ocean; it is far out in the ocean and close enough See full answer below.
  6. abyssopelagic, abyssal pelagic [ Pertaining to the open-ocean or pelagic environment at abyssal depths, below meters ( feet)] abyssopelagisch.
  7. Marcel Heese, Category: Artist, Singles: Thought Control, Patience, Abyssopelagic, Top Tracks: Abyssopelagic - Original Mix, Patience - Lewis Fautzi Remix, Thought.
  8. adjective Relating to or inhabiting the layer of the water column of the open ocean that lies between the bathypelagic and hadopelagic layers at depths of about 4, to 6, meters (13, to 19, feet).

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